About Design Criteria: Electronic Engineering Specialists

Design Criteria, Inc.

Design Criteria, Inc. (DCI) is the only electronic engineering company to offer custom, military power supply manufacture to provide remote health monitoring. We have a broad range of electronic engineering experience designing and manufacturing exclusive power electronics i.e. power supplies, transformers and LED drivers. DCI has developed, tested and launched several state of the art products, including a revolutionary compact DC-DC converter with very high efficiency. In addition, research in long range wireless power transmission is being conducted DCI’s facility. DCI’s electronic engineering team has developed unprecedented high power density transformers. We are expert in the design of high frequency magnetics, DC-DC converters, power supplies and other power electronic equipment. We can help your team succeed in a cost effective manner.

Founder Carl I. Belnap

Mr. Belnap founded Design Criteria, Inc. in 1999 as an innovative, power electronics design and manufacturing firm. He has a broad range of experience in power supply and magnetic design. Mr. Belnap was responsible for the design and manufacture of a low noise power controller to shut down 120A of 8V power in less than 5 µseconds as well as several low power, off-line double ended forward converters for military applications. His magnetics designs reduced radiated emissions in the forward converters. Carl has designed a 1000A inductor and many other custom magnetics, both planar and conventional, including a miniature transformer that was embedded in an eight pin dip and BGA integrated circuit (IC). He has also developed a self oscillating low voltage power supply with 2500 V isolation and a very low component count. Through his innovative skills a 1 MHz power transformer for DC-DC converter applications was designed in which the power density is more the thirty times the state-of-the-art. Mr. Belnap was responsible for the development of a very fast switching, high efficient, 300V, 60A, solid-state power controller and current limiting power controller for a NASA space application and a 25 W, 10 KVDC DC-DC converter for an industrial application. He designed the EMI filter for a 2500 W uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and oversaw the EMI testing. Mr. Belnap has designed several magnetic components for EMI filtering. Mr. Belnap also designed and marketed a remote weight monitoring system.
Carl I. Belnap, Electronic Engineering Specialist

Publications by Carl Belnap

  • C. Belnap, Designing High Voltage Modularized Assemblies for High Altitude Environments, Proceedings of the Twenty-fourth Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (IECEC-89), 1989, Vol. 1, pages 429-433.
  • C. Belnap, J. Bowers, Advantages in the Development and Use of Mica Capacitors in High Voltage Power Supplies, Conference Record of the Twenty-fifth International Power Modulator Symposium and 2002 High Voltage Workshop, 2002

Awards and Honors

  • Chairman of 1995 High Voltage Workshop
  • Licensed professional engineer


MSEE Utah State University, Logan, Utah 1994
Thesis: Design and Modeling of an Interleave Boost Regulator
BSEE University Of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah 1982