Half-Brick DC-DC Converter

New DC-DC Converters

Here is a new family of compact, low profile, DC-DC converters with BIG efficiencies! Design Criteria, Inc (DCI) has added a new family of high efficient DC-DC converters – 30W, 40W, and 200W. These modules are potted and are safety compliant. Check out more details on our web page and click on “Smart and Robust […]

Kickstarter Project

Check out our KickStarter Project: http://kck.st/1WPukJJ Let me know if you have any questions.

December Discount

For the entire month of December 2016, receive a 30% discount on point of load eval boards.  Call for details.

Design Criteria, Inc

Happier clients mean more contracts, faster growth and greater profits for your company With Design Criteria Components you can have all three… If you want to reduce design and manufacturing costs, improve your processes and products at the same time, you definitely want to get to know Design Criteria, Inc. (DCI) Design Criteria, is an […]

Long Range Wireless Power Transmission

  • June 18th, 2014
  • WPT
  • Carl Belnap

Design Criteria, Inc. (DCI) is developing innovative technology that will significantly improve the range of wireless power transmission (WPT) to provide more dependable operation and charging for mobile devices.  This technology will reduce the number of adapters, radically changing the way people live their lives, and afford a higher level of mobility and greater convenience.  […]

Microcontrollers for Power Supplies

The typical microcontroller used for a digital controlled power supply will have a good deal of extra computation time between running the control loops for a power supply.  Some microcontrollers actually come with computational acceleration hardware to speed up the power supply computation process.  While this could mean that a little slower speed, smaller, less […]

The Growing Need in Power Electronics

Digital Controlled Power Supply Much time, effort and funds have been devoted to the development digital controllers for switch mode power supplies (SMPS) because of the several key advantages that microcontrollers offer.  Traditionally, power supply technology has resided in the analog domain.  Digital controllers have opened a completely new dimension and world for SMPS.   In […]

Integrated DC-DC Converter

Design Criteria's Pi2 converter can be intergrated or embeded into a customer's printed circuit boards (PCBs).  This provides a high eficient, regulated power source for point of load applications.  Embeded converters can also have high voltage isolation.  We design and manufacture for exteme solutions such as military and medical applications.  Let's discuss this option.