Inside Coach

InsideCoach is a “smart” soccer ball which contains motion detection technology that records force of impact, spin, position, trajectory, number of ball passes, number of ball touches, and play time. The ball reports directly to a mobile device in real time.

DCI Contributions to Inside Coach Smart Soccer Ball:

1) Develop a wireless sensor board with very high resolution and data rate for accurately measuring the ball’s movement.
2) Implement numerical algorithms to calibrate the ball’s sensors on the fly.
3) Implement and design scientific algorithms to estimate the ball’s physics and mechanics.
4) Develop signal-processing techniques to figure out what people are doing with the ball and how well they are doing it.
5) Create games and exercises that people can play using the ball, and define metrics for assessing their performance.
6) Develop a smartphone app that gives people visual and spoken feedback as they perform the exercises.
7) Design widgets for the app that display data about player performance.
8) Design a wireless charging circuit for the ball.
9) Design a base that charges the ball wirelessly while it is not being used.
10) Design and manufacture compact circuit boards (PCBs).


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