Half-Brick DC-DC Converter

New DC-DC Converters

Here is a new family of compact, low profile, DC-DC converters with BIG efficiencies!

Design Criteria, Inc (DCI) has added a new family of high efficient DC-DC converters – 30W, 40W, and 200W. These modules are potted and are safety compliant. Check out more details on our web page and click on “Smart and Robust DC-DC Converters. The new family of DC-DC converters have an ultra wide input voltage range of 4:1 and do not require a minimum load. The efficiency rating is up to 92%.
The 200W version is available in a half-brick potted package. It meets EN50155, EN50121-3 and EN61373. Applications for this robust DC-DC converter include military and rail systems. Our 200 watt half-brick DC-DC converter features a remote control and short circuit protection.  It also includes over voltage protection over load protection and input to output insulation to 2250 VDC.  Custom output voltages are available.  Call for details.
The 40W DC-DC converter has a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C and has an input to output isolation of 1600VDC minimum and is compliant to UL60950-1, EN60950-1 and IEC60950-1 with a CE mark. Dual output voltages are also available. Some of the features for the 40 W DC-DC converter include under voltage shutdown, remote on and off control, Applications for this include military, commercial, telecom and rail.
The third in our new family of DC-DC converters is a 30W potted module also with an ultra wide input voltage range. This 30W version is available in a compact potted package with dimensions of 1.0 X 1.0 X 0.39″. Included in this package is a six-sided continuous shield.
Call or email us for more information, data sheets and pricing, availability and flexible designs.
40W DC-DC Converter

40 Watt, Low Profile, DC-DC Converter

Half-Brick DC-DC Converter

200 Watt, Half-Brick DC-DC Converter

30W DC-DC Converter

30 Watt, Low Profile DC-DC Converter

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