Power Magnetics: Design & Manufacturing

Compact & Robust High Frequency Power Magnetics for Extreme Environments & Demanding Applications

Design Criteria, Inc. is an innovation shop with a broad range of experience in designing and manufacturing power transformers and inductors for all types of switching power supplies. We can manufacture to your print or we can assist in your power magnetics design. DCI offers off-the-shelf power magnetics in a wide range of current handling capabilities and for harsh environments. We also design custom cores for unique applications.

  • Military High Frequency Power Supplies
  • Rugged and Harsh Envirnoments
  • Military DC/DC Converters
  • Military AC/DC converters
  • EMI and filters
  • High Efficient Military Power Supplies
  • Medical Power Supplies
  • Industrial Power Supplies
  • Wireless Power
  • LightWeight and Compact Power Supplies

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